Cost of treatment

Cost of treatment & opening hours


I am happy to discuss your concerns free of charge so please contact me on or 07983 759975 to see if massage could be of benefit

New to Macoby:  Zoom video consults for £20 where I can assess your dogs with a hands off approach but I would be able to perform a gait/posture analysis as well as looking at ways to adapt your environment then we can see if massage will be helpful. It's also a great way to meet each other prior to an appointment.

As I am seeing more reactive dogs coming out of lockdown I also offer meet/greet sessions where we sit to discuss your dog whilst they are getting used to me being in their home. I also try gentle touch, stroking so they can get used to me. This may take a few visits to help build the confidence so depending on your location I only ask for travel costs & not a full consult fee

First consultation/treatment £40

Subsequent treatments £35

After I have received your signed Veterinary consent form each treatment is individually tailored to achieve the best outcome for you and your dog whether this is ongoing maintenance, relaxation or rehabilitation from an injury or Orthopaedic issue, currently I provide home visits only.

I aim to produce tangible results in 1-3 sessions

First consultation lasts approximately 1.5 hours

This will include:

  • Gait analysis

  • Posture analysis

  • Full body palpation helping to identify areas of pain and or injury

  • Full consultation discussing diet, lifestyle, medical history

  • Approximately 40 minutes clinical canine massage

  • Tailored plan on how to improve your dogs quality of life

Nail clip & pad fur trim £5.00

Subsequent consultations last approximately 1 hour

  • Review of progress, revised home care plan including maintenance program of on going care

  • Approximately 40 minutes clinical canine massage

Following the treatment I will send your Veterinary Surgeon a full report of my findings and under some circumstances should your dog not be suitable for clinical canine massage therapy I will refer you straight back to your Veterinary Surgeon for further investigation.

If you would like a nail clip and pad fur trim then let me know at the time of booking

Opening hours:

My opening hours are listed below & I provide home visits on the following days:

  • Wednesday  - 0900-1800
  • Thursday - 0900-1800
  • Saturday - 0900 - 1700
  • Sunday - by arrangement only

If you require a later appointment then this can be arranged at the time of booking & if you need to contact me outside of these days or times then please call 07983 759975 as I am always happy to to help

  • 10% discount for multi dog households treated on the same day

  • Travel expenses apply if over a 15 mile radius of Shropshire this is usually capped at £10

Additional note:

At all times I adhere to the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and the Exemption Order 2015 therefore I will need your Veterinary Surgeon to sign a consent form giving me their permission prior to clinical canine massage therapy as this is a legal requirement

Whilst I appreciate that there may be times when a treatment needs be cancelled please could you let me know within 24 hours of the appointment as a late cancellation may still result in a full consultation fee being charged

If your dog is taken unwell prior to the appointment then please also let me know as soon as possible - no late cancellation fee will apply & we can re arrange your appointment for a later date