After Veterinary Nursing for a while I decided to train in Clinical Canine Massage primarily after attending a workshop with one of my boys Mak and because I have always had dogs in my life to which I have had the closest bonds. Looking back I have always had a keen interest in alternative/complementary therapies completing training in homeopathy and becoming a Dorwest Herbs advisor so this felt like a natural progression for me.

Having passed my exams for massage therapy in 2015 Macoby was born! I am proud to be a member of the Canine Massage Guild wherby we have just completed the first phase of ground breaking clinical trials into the efficacy of massage therapy.

I currently cover Shropshire and parts of the West Midlands where I provide a mobile service in the comfort of your own home, I hold my own insurance with Balens.

Prior to an appointment a Veterinary consent form will need to signed giving me their permission to treat your dog as this is a legal requirement & I also abide by both the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 & Exemptions Order

 Additional training/qualifications:

  • Animal Communication Certificate

  • Pet physical therapy course

  • Diploma in Canine Nurtrition

  • Certificate in Pain Management

Currently studying to become a Pet Bereavement Counsellor

Other areas of interest are:

  • Senior care - especially pain relief

  • Pain management
  • Nutrition
  • Oncology

  • Behaviour

  • Reiki
  • Canine first aid

  • Writing for Edition Dog magazine

Having been in the Veterinary Nursing profession some 29 years recently I have started to feel dispondent as I think that there must be more to offer our canine clients especailly in regards to pain relief and so I soon realised that with massage there is. This manipulative therapy which not only addresses the primary issue but treats the body as a whole relieves the body of muscular imbalances and areas of overcompensation, especially those recovering from orthopaedic operations such as Cruciate repair, conditions such as Hip Dysplasia and senior dogs with Arthritis to help support their comfort levels. Massage is a form of hands on natural pain relief working alongside conventional medicine prescribed by your Veterinary Surgeon.

This therapy also assists working and agility dogs keeping them in peak condition addressing any areas of injuries before they become a problem, after all they are athletes!

Put simply my aim is to keep dogs happy and healthy for as long as possible but be under no illusion that clinical massage is a pampering session for your dog. I also work closely with Veterinary Surgeons and a local hydrotherapist to obtain the best possible outcome.

Please feel free to contact me for an informal chat about your dog if you have any worries or concerns or wish to book an appointment

Email kim@macoby.co.uk

Telephone 07983 759975

Facebook @macobycaninemassage

                     About me & my story.................

What my clients say...........

Just some of the feedback I receive from guardians

"I can highly recommend Kim"

She is very knowledgable and has a huge passion for what she does.

My dog Cooper, was diagnosed with having arthritis when he was still a puppy. He’s been on meds, supplements and other complementary therapies ever since but as he’s getting older he is showing more signs of discomfort. I contacted Kim to see if she could help.

He’s had his first 3 sessions with Kim now and has found his inner pup again. Along side the massage therapy Kim recommended adaptations I could make to the house and his routine to help him further and a maintenance plan of massage with her.

He loves his sessions.

Thank you, so much Kim

Cooper  - Labrador with Elbow Dysplasia who has ongoing treatment

"Couldn't recommend giving Kim a try enough....."

We've recently had a number of sessions for our dog, Isaac. he'd had a limp for a little while, and was stiffening up quickly after any exercise.

After 3 sessions with Kim, he is now bouncier than ever. His whole fair looks so much healthier and he even holds himself like a dog 3 years younger.

Couldn't recommend giving Kim a try enough. Totally professional, and genuinely lovely, as well as helping Isaac back to much healthier walking ways.

Isaac Cross breed with unresolved lameness

"Kim is very professional"

Our two year old Rottie is suffering with elbow dysplasia and we booked him in for three session with Kim, even being the excitable over friendly boy he is, Kim did manage to get him to lie down and carry out a massage all over! Between the first session and the last she’s noticed improvement in his stiffness in his neck and legs and his skin is more loose. Kim is very professional and full of knowledge and advise to help you, I would highly recommend her to treat your pooches!

Reggie the Rotti